Reber food processor

Reber produces a wide range of very robust sausage filling machines in stainless steel,equipped with metal gears for reduction and multiplication of the piston speed, so as to make the sausage filling operations (slow) and the extraction of the piston at the end of the work (quick) easier and faster.

Support for the piston in nylon 6.6, piston cover and basket in plastic material for food usage.

Reber sausage filling machines are equipped with a series of four filling funnels of different
dimensions for every type of sausages.

Front vent system without any valves on the piston.

8966 N Sausage Filler

Capacity3 LT
Weight7.5 kg


8971 N Sausage Filler

Capacity6.8 lt
Dimensions39,5x31x79 cm
Weight15.2 kg
Fast Returnv
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