Pasta Machines

Classic 260

Classic 200

Designed in Italy and now manufactured in Argentina since 1950, the biggest, sturdiest and everlasting pasta maker has arrived to India. The “Pastalinda” machine for homemade pasta is manufactured for those who love homemade and fresh pasta. Pastalinda offers two models of pasta machine, Classic 200 with 200 mm of width and Classic 260 with 260 mm of width. With an appealing design and high durability, it permits to easily prepare 200 mm or 260 mm wide sheets of laminated dough of the desired length, noodles, tagliatelle, ribbons, dough sheets, ravioli, ravioloni, cookies, sorrentini, pastry discs for turnovers, phyllo dough, farfalle, pappardelle, lasagne, fettucini and many more.

Everlasting product
Highly sturdy and resistant structure. The use of stainless steel and maximum quality components makes it appropriate for a demanding, high-performance operation. It permits a perfect and effortless kneading and stretching of the dough.

Appealing design, a crossover between retro and vintage. It can be perfectly combined with any kitchen, countertop, or cupboard. Easy to store. Available in several colors.

Thanks to its solid rollers, you will be able to select different alternatives of doughs and thicknesses. The rollers included 2 cutting options: 2.5 mm wide tagliatelle or 7.5 mm wide ribbons.

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