Optional Attachments

Atlas Pasta Drive - Electric Motor

Pastadrive electric motor fits all Marcato pasta machines including the Atlas, Ampia models of pasta machine as well as the Marcato Marga Grain Mill. Pastadrive motor allows you to have both hands free while working. Another great advantage of the motor is that it allows you to use the machine and the extra accessoires anywhere, without having to attach the clamp to the work surface. The easy bayonet fitting, the ergonomic handle and the power of the motor make Pastadrive a sturdy ally to prepare excellent homemade pasta without any effort, quickly and in large quantities too.

Ravioli Attachments

Ravioli attachment is for use with the Marcato Atlas 150 pasta machine / Atlas 150 roller. The attachment fits in the slots where the included double cutter attachment fits. With a turn of the handle, this attachment rolls out the perfect ravioli sheets for that truly homemade pasta taste and experience. Scoop, instructions and recipes are included.


The extra accessories, that can be attached to Atlas 150 and Atlas Motor enrich the culinary experience offering the possibility of preparing varieties of pasta shapes.