Marga Mulino - Grain Mill

Marga Mulino is an essential aid to achieve a healthy diet. Grind traditional grains at home and rediscover local varieties with excellent characteristics, the flour produced at home is fresh and preserves the organoleptic & nutritive properties of the grains and cereals chosen. Prepare the soft wheat flour in a traditional way to produce great pasta, bread, sweet and savoury pastry, and beer and for flakes such as oats, barley, and rye, & hard wheat such as spelt, Kamut, rice, and buckwheat which are naturally gluten-free in complete safety. The machine is made of high-quality chrome steel. The rollers are made of food- grade anodised aluminium, a material that guarantees that no harmful particles are released during use.

Gnocchi Like a Pro

Rigagnocchi and accessory for garganelli in solid wood Italian-English recipe book included Short apron 100% cotton and gros grain Items not washable neither in water nor in the dishwasher. Components included: rigagnocchi table, garganelli accessory, 7 cm smooth pasta cutter for Roman-style gnocchi, short 100% cotton apron, recipe book.


Dispenser is one of the new products from Marcato. Practical and elegant, it allows to sprinkle flour over the pasta dough or add sugar, Cocoa to your sweet creations.

Pasta Cutter Wheels

Cut sheets of dough and seal filled pasta with this Atlas pasta wheel. This tool includes three interchangeable wheels: one for flat edges, one for large fluted edges, and one for small fluted edges. Great for lasagna, ravioli, farfalle and decorative edges on pastry and lattice pie crusts, this pasta wheel is perfect for any pasta lover's kitchen.

Pasta Cutter Wheels

Pasta Drying Stand

Drying fresh pasta keeps the nutritional and organoleptic properties of the wheat intact and, during cooking, it keeps the dough elastic and always tasty. Tacapasta is a great drying system: on the 16 arms it is possible to spread 2 kilograms of fresh long shape pasta. The arms rotate around a central column, which houses a removable rod - a valuable tool for collecting the pasta from the machine and laying it out to dry on the arms. The pasta drying rack opens out like a fan and closes quickly and easily, taking up very little spaceIts original design makes it fit in perfectly with the decor of any kitchen, becoming the ideal accessory for Marcato's Atlas and Ampia lines. Very practical and easy to use, Marcato's Tacapasta is the perfect gift for anyone who loves home-made fresh pasta.