Pasta Machines

Atlas / Ampia Pasta Machines

Atlas / Ampia Wellness Pasta Machine - by Atlas is simply stunning. Everything you Have Come To Expect From Marcato And A Little More: A Superb Italian Design; Anodized Aluminum Nickel Free Chrome Free Deluxe Handles And Clamps Also In Anodized Matching Colors Patented Wellness Rollers Made Of Light Alloy Which Guarantee There Will Be Absolutely No Residue Of Any Metal In Your Pasta. The Pasta You Prepare With The Atlas / Ampia Wellness Models Will Be Absolutely Pure; Only The Finest Materials Are Used With Excellent Workmanship. This Unit Will Make 3 Types Of Pasta: Flat Roller Unit For Lasagna 150 mm, Cutter For Fettuccine 6.5 mm - Tagliolini 1.5 mm All Optional Attachments To The Regular Atlas 150 Will Fit This Machine. All Components Parts And Assembly Entirely Made In Italy.

Atlas 150 Design Pasta Machine- Color

Ampia 180 Pasta Machine

Atlas 150 Design Pasta Machine

Atlas 150 Classic Roller

Atlas 150 Classic Electric Pasta Machine

Atlas 150 Classic Pasta Machine

Atlas 180 Classic Roller

Regina Extruder Machine

The Regina Atlas is a manual machine for making pasta by extrusion. Comes complete with five interchangeable dies for producing Rigatoni, Maccheroni, Maccheroncini, Bucatini and Fusilli. Just attach the die conveniently labeled with the type of pasta you wish to make, feed pasta into the opening on top of the machine while turning the crank, then use the attached slicer to cut pasta to desired length.