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Testarossa Tomato Strainer

Testarossa Tomato  Strainer
Brand: Imperia
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Testarossa Tomato Strainer are ideal for making smooth tomato puree, they squeeze tomatoes, both raw or cooked, they separate the seeds, skin and unripe tomatoes without crushing the seeds which thereby eliminates the sourness and bitterness thus increasing the shelf life and also retaining the natural red color of the tomatoes. Ideal for preparing soup, sauces, gravy dishes, juices and preserves, can be used by professional kitchens, caterers, pizza parlors, Italian and Indian restaurants and professional canners.It can also be fitted with optional professional meat – vegetable mincing attachment to extend the use of the machine. Mincing attachments include fine and coarse grinding dies and a sausage filling funnel.


300 W, 230 V, 180 Rpm                                             


  • Tomato straining up-to 200 Kgs/hr,
  • Meat – Vegetable mincing upto 20 kgs/hr
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